Two Summer Obsessions

There are two things that I can not get my  mind off of this summer, so obviously I need to write about them.

1. Big Brother
I watched the very first season and had absolutely no interest in it after that, until two seasons ago. My friend, Brooke, was super excited about it and I thought I would give it another shot. Derrick and Cody renewed my Big Brother interest and added another show to my reality TV obsession. Although Big Brother is on three nights a week, I am tempted to get CBS All Access to watch Big Brother After Dark. Is this a problem?
Also, how good would Josh (my husband) be at this show? I think $500,000 good!
Who are your favorites this season? I am loving the returners, Nicole and James.

2. Books!
I seriously have a problem. I am not by any means a fast reader. My list of books is longer than the speed or time that I am able to spend reading. I’m not all about reading multiple books at one time, but I am too excited to not do that this summer. Right now, I am reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Looking for Lovely. I have only heard good things about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It is all about resetting a mindset of how you live. Kondo talks about how you should only live around things you love. Looking for Lovely is by a woman that I am loving right now. She is amazingly funny, but deep at the same time (watch out on my blog tomorrow for one of the many reasons why I am loving her!). She writes about how she finds lovely things in her life despite all the struggle. In addition to those books, I will be starting to read Battle Books. These are books that fourth graders in Florida are challenged to read for a competition later in the school year. I’ve heard the books this year are great and I should be getting my first, Serafina’s Promise, in the mail tomorrow!

I am also looking for more relevant books for my classroom library. Any suggestions on where I can find some cheap ones? I’ll be going back to the public library to check out their store again soon.



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