Getting the Boot

I have a tidying up update! I went through my shoes and movies.

I think I got rid of about five pairs of shoes and made a space for my shoes in my closet. Before I went through my shoes, they were all in a bin mixed together. It was super frustrating trying to find matching shoes when I was in a rush. Now, I can see all of my shoes and they are paired together in my closet.

In the process of looking for all the shoes that I own, I came across more t-shirts! Oops! That is definitely a no-no according to Marie Kondo. According to her, I should have gotten rid of all of those clothes that I didn’t gather to begin with. I’m trying not to be super legalistic here, so I went through those shirts and only added four to my closet and got rid of the rest. After I was finished with my shoes and the shirts, I had an empty basket and an empty bin! Yay for extra space!!

I also went through our movies. I didn’t get rid of many movies, but I was able to clean them up and empty a drawer and a half in the dresser in our living room. Confession, I’m getting rid of The OC season one. If you know me, this is a big deal!

Did you catch the title? Get it? I was kicking out some shoes…they were getting the boot… Don’t hate on my cheesiness!



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