Book #7 (Ahh, too intense?!)

I’m not home, so I’m writing this post from my phone. I haven’t done this in a long time!

I finished book 7! Don’t be too excited, it is a book that is a third grade reading level. It’s a battle book. These are books that the state and district encourage fourth graders to read for a competition at the end of the year. The book is called Serafina’s Promise. It’s about a girl, Serafina, who lives in Haiti and wants to be a doctor. She has a lot of situations in her life that make this dream very difficult to come true. 

Honestly, I thought this book was super intense and sad! I’ve only taught fourth grade for one year so far, but how much can these kids handle? Even though this book was an easy read, I am a little uncomfortable with the content for a fourth grader. Maybe I’m just an overprotective mom…

When I read this book, I was constantly thinking of a student in my class at the beginning of the year. That student’s family died in the Haiti earthquake. A large part of this story is about the earthquake. What would I have done? The state and district seem to believe it’s okay for the kids to read if they included it on the battle list. Would I have let the student read it with the possibility of triggering trauma? Do I have it in my classroom, but make sure the student doesn’t read it? Do I not even include it in my classroom library? What about the other students? I think fourth graders need to start having deeper conversations, but where is the line?

What would you have done?


One thought on “Book #7 (Ahh, too intense?!)

  1. You can’t shelter kids. Granted this book might bring up some pent up emotion, but that’s where you can come in and be a kindful ear or a steady shoulder to lean on. Kids are also resilient. Your student will bounce back in the case there is a traumatic episode.


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