Sometimes It’s The Small Things

Honestly, I am writing this instead of working on my ESOL class. Why did I think that I would actually finish this online class early? I’m WAY behind. Paralysis by analysis, my friends.

I have been so excited about things recently. Many are little things, but then there are two big things that are unbelievably exciting for me.

Little Thing #1
Almost nothing is better than 20 wings for $10 at Publix. They are pre-made and I just add either Parmesan Garlic or Buffalo sauce. Even if they aren’t eaten all in one sitting, they are really good as leftovers.


Are your mouths watering yet? This was my afternoon snack. Don’t judge!

Little Thing #2
I went to the store at the library today. Many teachers have told me to go and check it out, but I was totally judging. How will all the “leftover” or donated books be ones that my students will like? Uh, I just bought all of these for $5!


I’m not kidding, I was over the moon excited about this purchase. My students LOVE Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Magic Tree House. I can’t wait to go back next week to see what they have!

Big Thing #1
Our car insurance price is outrageous. When I moved to Florida, the price doubled. They told me that the young people blame the old people, the old people blame the young people, and everyone blames the tourists for the high prices. I just went with it. We had a ton going on at that time. I was starting my first year teaching, Josh was looking for jobs, and we had literally just moved to Florida. I got my new price for the next six months and it went up $10/month! Are you kidding?! I literally was a loyal customer for seven years. Yesterday, I decided to call another company. I was able to add renters insurance to a better car insurance policy and the price ended up being half the price I was paying before. You do the math, but we will be paying $200 less a month!!!! WHAT?! I’m not going to lie, I am so proud of myself!

Big Thing #2
During this journey of my big thing #1, we found out that the owners of our condo want to sell it. No, we aren’t upset. This is actually a really neat situation. Josh and I have really wanted to grow our family for awhile now. We believe that the next step for us is to foster to adopt rather than have more biological children. Recently, it has been really tough because we can’t legally foster children in our two bedroom condo. We have two opposite gendered children and the foster child can only stay in a room of the same sex. Also, we are outgrowing our place in general. I had been talking to Josh about trying to have biological children because it would just be an easier situation. We came to the consensus that I would just be trying to control the situation and that isn’t what we really want to do.

I’ve been completely set on buying a house instead of renting because moving is a pain and I don’t want to have an extra move before we buy. This would put us at least a year from buying, which would put us at least a year from fostering. We get a call yesterday from the owners of the condo we live in telling us that they want to sell our condo. What an answer to prayers. We are being forced to make a decision. Now we have to move, so why not upgrade to a bigger place and get started on our dream?! I am so excited for this process and to give hope to children that are going through difficult times. I’ve opened my mind to renting again, but definitely praying for a miracle that we can buy something!

What are some things that you are excited about?



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