This is serious…

I will keep it short and sweet. I can’t keep all of these questions inside! Big Brother will have been on three nights in a row this week! It’s on Friday and I am so excited!

  1. Who is going home tonight?! Tiffany or Mama Da’? I seriously think it could go either way. Is Tiffany strong enough like her sister to flip the house towards Da’? I don’t think it will be too difficult, but also the houseguests are pretty adamant on getting Tiffany out. I guess we will just have to see. I’m still a huge fan of James and Nicole.
  2. Don’t forget that this will be the fifth houseguest out of the house and one will fight to come back. Who do you think it will be? We have Glenn, Josea, Victor, Bronte, and whoever this next person ends up being.

I know that my love for reality tv is ridiculous, but if you don’t watch Big Brother you totally should.


4 thoughts on “This is serious…

  1. I am pretty sure it is Tiffinany this time and then back footing Frank but have to see who comes back? I am being g fan of Nichole and James but I think Corey is using her!


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