V for Victor-y

While I wait for my Wawa sandwich, I’m thinking about last night. Victor! What?! I guess he was the best competitor of all the evicted Big Brother house guests. Good for him. I still want Nicole and James to win. Do you think he will have a hard time transitioning back into the house? Who will he create an alliance with now that he is back? Will he be out next week because he already had one chance? So many questions!! I can’t wait until Sunday!

I’m also a HUGE fan of the James and Natalie showmance! So unexpected.

Who is the next one out of the house?


8 thoughts on “V for Victor-y

      1. Yeah they were good friends, even when Victor was on the block, Paul voted for Bronte and not him. But I think Paul will have to tell Victor to lay low for the next couple of weeks.


      2. I think he will try to align with Paul, but I’m not sure that would be best for Paul’s game. Victor needs to win HOH to stay past this week unless Da’ is put up.


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