This is serious…

I will keep it short and sweet. I can’t keep all of these questions inside! Big Brother will have been on three nights in a row this week! It’s on Friday and I am so excited!

  1. Who is going home tonight?! Tiffany or Mama Da’? I seriously think it could go either way. Is Tiffany strong enough like her sister to flip the house towards Da’? I don’t think it will be too difficult, but also the houseguests are pretty adamant on getting Tiffany out. I guess we will just have to see. I’m still a huge fan of James and Nicole.
  2. Don’t forget that this will be the fifth houseguest out of the house and one will fight to come back. Who do you think it will be? We have Glenn, Josea, Victor, Bronte, and whoever this next person ends up being.

I know that my love for reality tv is ridiculous, but if you don’t watch Big Brother you totally should.


Sometimes It’s The Small Things

Honestly, I am writing this instead of working on my ESOL class. Why did I think that I would actually finish this online class early? I’m WAY behind. Paralysis by analysis, my friends.

I have been so excited about things recently. Many are little things, but then there are two big things that are unbelievably exciting for me.

Little Thing #1
Almost nothing is better than 20 wings for $10 at Publix. They are pre-made and I just add either Parmesan Garlic or Buffalo sauce. Even if they aren’t eaten all in one sitting, they are really good as leftovers.


Are your mouths watering yet? This was my afternoon snack. Don’t judge!

Little Thing #2
I went to the store at the library today. Many teachers have told me to go and check it out, but I was totally judging. How will all the “leftover” or donated books be ones that my students will like? Uh, I just bought all of these for $5!


I’m not kidding, I was over the moon excited about this purchase. My students LOVE Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Magic Tree House. I can’t wait to go back next week to see what they have!

Big Thing #1
Our car insurance price is outrageous. When I moved to Florida, the price doubled. They told me that the young people blame the old people, the old people blame the young people, and everyone blames the tourists for the high prices. I just went with it. We had a ton going on at that time. I was starting my first year teaching, Josh was looking for jobs, and we had literally just moved to Florida. I got my new price for the next six months and it went up $10/month! Are you kidding?! I literally was a loyal customer for seven years. Yesterday, I decided to call another company. I was able to add renters insurance to a better car insurance policy and the price ended up being half the price I was paying before. You do the math, but we will be paying $200 less a month!!!! WHAT?! I’m not going to lie, I am so proud of myself!

Big Thing #2
During this journey of my big thing #1, we found out that the owners of our condo want to sell it. No, we aren’t upset. This is actually a really neat situation. Josh and I have really wanted to grow our family for awhile now. We believe that the next step for us is to foster to adopt rather than have more biological children. Recently, it has been really tough because we can’t legally foster children in our two bedroom condo. We have two opposite gendered children and the foster child can only stay in a room of the same sex. Also, we are outgrowing our place in general. I had been talking to Josh about trying to have biological children because it would just be an easier situation. We came to the consensus that I would just be trying to control the situation and that isn’t what we really want to do.

I’ve been completely set on buying a house instead of renting because moving is a pain and I don’t want to have an extra move before we buy. This would put us at least a year from buying, which would put us at least a year from fostering. We get a call yesterday from the owners of the condo we live in telling us that they want to sell our condo. What an answer to prayers. We are being forced to make a decision. Now we have to move, so why not upgrade to a bigger place and get started on our dream?! I am so excited for this process and to give hope to children that are going through difficult times. I’ve opened my mind to renting again, but definitely praying for a miracle that we can buy something!

What are some things that you are excited about?


Book #7 (Ahh, too intense?!)

I’m not home, so I’m writing this post from my phone. I haven’t done this in a long time!

I finished book 7! Don’t be too excited, it is a book that is a third grade reading level. It’s a battle book. These are books that the state and district encourage fourth graders to read for a competition at the end of the year. The book is called Serafina’s Promise. It’s about a girl, Serafina, who lives in Haiti and wants to be a doctor. She has a lot of situations in her life that make this dream very difficult to come true. 

Honestly, I thought this book was super intense and sad! I’ve only taught fourth grade for one year so far, but how much can these kids handle? Even though this book was an easy read, I am a little uncomfortable with the content for a fourth grader. Maybe I’m just an overprotective mom…

When I read this book, I was constantly thinking of a student in my class at the beginning of the year. That student’s family died in the Haiti earthquake. A large part of this story is about the earthquake. What would I have done? The state and district seem to believe it’s okay for the kids to read if they included it on the battle list. Would I have let the student read it with the possibility of triggering trauma? Do I have it in my classroom, but make sure the student doesn’t read it? Do I not even include it in my classroom library? What about the other students? I think fourth graders need to start having deeper conversations, but where is the line?

What would you have done?

Getting the Boot

I have a tidying up update! I went through my shoes and movies.

I think I got rid of about five pairs of shoes and made a space for my shoes in my closet. Before I went through my shoes, they were all in a bin mixed together. It was super frustrating trying to find matching shoes when I was in a rush. Now, I can see all of my shoes and they are paired together in my closet.

In the process of looking for all the shoes that I own, I came across more t-shirts! Oops! That is definitely a no-no according to Marie Kondo. According to her, I should have gotten rid of all of those clothes that I didn’t gather to begin with. I’m trying not to be super legalistic here, so I went through those shirts and only added four to my closet and got rid of the rest. After I was finished with my shoes and the shirts, I had an empty basket and an empty bin! Yay for extra space!!

I also went through our movies. I didn’t get rid of many movies, but I was able to clean them up and empty a drawer and a half in the dresser in our living room. Confession, I’m getting rid of The OC season one. If you know me, this is a big deal!

Did you catch the title? Get it? I was kicking out some shoes…they were getting the boot… Don’t hate on my cheesiness!


Book #6

When I went to write this post, I was so excited because I thought I finished book #7. I definitely didn’t, I’m only on six. Last year, I only finished nine books. I’m on my way to doing better than last year with reaching my goal of reading fifteen books this year.

I just finished reading Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs. I wrote a post about her a couple days ago and a talk she gave at Liberty University. If you missed it, check it out here. Her book is nothing short of awesome. I love how honest she is with herself and how far she has come to be the person she wants to be. She shares how she has found lovely in the difficult times in her life. I love how she shares her journey from being a quitter to a finisher. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 2.06.27 PM.png

On another note…

Happy Birthday, America!

My First Stages of Tidying Up

I started! I grabbed all of my shirts and then all of my pants and put them in the middle of my bed. After that, I took all the rest of my clothes and did the same thing. When we moved to Florida, we literally got rid of like ten garbage bags of clothes. So, filling up a whole one with just my clothes even after that is a pretty big deal.

I am already seeing a difference in my closet! I look at my closet and it went from everything shoved in there to neatly folded and hung up clothes. I am really excited to continue with this process!

Do you think Josh would be upset if I went through his clothes? ( I wouldn’t dare…)

Next up: hats, scarves, and shoes

No One Knows the End

Yesterday I told you that I would explain my love for Annie Downs, the author of Looking for Lovely. Just watch:

This talk has been on my mind for the past month. First, I think she is hilarious. Last, I love her point here. We don’t know the end of our story. The point is that we need to be brave. Annie talks about how we know that the big fish pukes up Jonah, but Jonah didn’t know that. We know that the rain stops eventually while Noah is in the ark. He didn’t know that. For all he knew, the rain may never stop. “Rad”, “Shack”, and “Benny” didn’t know that God would keep them alive in the fiery furnace. Through this talk, I have been loving the verses in Daniel 3:17-18.

17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

This is after the King tells them that if they don’t bow down and worship his god, then he will throw them into the furnace. How brave and inspiring is this? They knew that whatever God chose to do in this situation that he was still God and that doesn’t change. We can’t give up just because our ending MIGHT not turn out the way we want.

I do this all the time. Well, I’m not going to hang out with that new group of people because I don’t fit in with them. Ok, I might not fit in and they might not like me, but what if they did? What if I miss out on this chance of making new friends? What if these are my new best friends? I could miss out on that opportunity by giving up and not being brave just because I don’t know what the ending of that story is. The reality is that we don’t know the end of our stories. Maybe they don’t turn out so hot, but what if they turn out WAY better than we could ever imagine? I think I want to live bravely, knowing that whatever happens that God is still God and His character is good.

I pose Annie’s question at the end of her talk:
“What does it look like for you to be brave at the life you already have, even if you don’t know the end of your story?”